Monday, 12 February 2018

Aussie Hero laundry bags workshop at Sunraysia Patchwork Friends

I held a workshop at our group to show how the laundry bags are made.
The ladies learnt and made some at home.

We now have a total of 50 to send to the Chaplin in Malaysia.
He will distribute them within the troops.

I'll get some photos soon when they are all handed in..

Thankyou to all the ladies for helping me with this project.
Sunraysia Patchwork Friends 

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Sunraysia Patchwork Friends sewing day

Hexies a go go

We had a group sewing day and this is where my friend is at with her Hexies...

It will cover a queen size bed.
All sewn by hand
Now to think of quilting.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Travelling home from my brothers.

I have had so much going on lately that not much sewing has been happening.
I am giving myself to Easter and then I can sew for a while..
A few things will be finalised, the hot weather gone and sewing will happen. I will catch up.

Any way,
On the way home from our last trip to my brothers I noticed these.
We were on the freeway, so a little diversion and we found them.
Near Geelong.

Then we stopped here to see these great tree carvings..

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Queenscliff & Happy Birthday Xavier.

While in Geelong staying with my brother we headed out for a day to Queenscliff.
Look at this tiled floor.
Couldn't you make a fantastic quilt in this design..

THE GRAND HOTEL in Queenscliff 

 The Hallway/foyer is just beautiful.

Look at the beautiful work on the windows.

The stained glass and craftsmanship was just lovely to see. 

 The outdoor eating area.

 We had a lovely lunch at this relaxing cafe..
THE SHELTER SHED in Queenscliff.

We stopped here, not far from my brothers for a bit of cider tasting and a sit on the grass.


HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY to my youngest grandson.
It was good to be there to celebrate and enjoy his icecream cake.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Oh my, I have been busy...

Apart from my sewing, motorbike trip, work this is what is happening...

We are still in the high 30s to low 40s.. It is starting to wear me out..

We signed an offer on mums house yesterday for it to settle in 14 days. That was a bit hard but time to move on.
As kids we moved into this house in 1971 after my dad passed away. I was only 7 when we moved... It was the start of a new life.

I finished work @ 5 then we drove 300kms, met my brother, 
Look at the sunset..
Just beautiful.

Sitting on the road side waiting for my brother...
How peaceful...

signed the papers, drove 300 kms home. Got home at 1 am... Worked today and I am exhausted.
Up early in the morning. Have tradies coming at 6am to start to put up our carport. 
At lunch time we trade in our 2 cars and collect a new one. 
Home tomorrow night to pack and head off to Geelong for the weekend.
Meeting a blogger friend in Ballarat on Friday. We haven't meet before.
Then on to my brothers. Lunch with a friend on Saturday. Spend Sunday with our daughter and grandsons. It is the youngest birthday. Then do the 7 hours back home on Monday.
Work Tuesday. Teach an Aussie Hero laundry bag class Tuesday night.

I'm worn out just writing this.

Hopefully the following weekend I will do nothing.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018



I joined in with Anthea with her Australia Day swap. Yes, we were only supposed to send 5 gifts but as mine were so small I spelt out the word AUSTRALIA...
It's all in a bit of fun..
My partner was Anthea, herself... ( oh boy, I have a standard to keep)
So this is what I sent...


UFO... Un identified object... UTENSIL
It's actually a ladle/poon clip. 
Clip it on to your saucepan and slip the handle of your stiring utensil in it.

Star whisk

 Thimbles.. Every sewers needs at some point in their sewing life.. 

Ruler & Rotary 

Australian card 


Ice tray.   

 Australian stubby holder 

 All laid out in order to spell AUSTRALIA 

Sunday, 28 January 2018

I have done some sewing...

And I have 2 finishes...

I have been sewing the Little Letters quilts from.
Here they are finished.
2 quilts done in 2 sizes ready for my quilt group to sew along with me to do some more..

Here is the green quilt done with alternating solid squares just to make the quilt a little bigger.
I am very happy with it..

 Oh so pretty, I love the backing...

This was taken about 8pm because it has been so hot here. 
The lighting isn't the best but it is all I have.

 And the 2 rolled up so pretty.

 Little Letters by Temecula Quilt Company.